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Sisters Dinner Special!
Overnight Guests receive $25 off dinner!
*only valid nights Sisters is open


Unravel The Murder Mystery

Step into a world of deception and deceit, where every guest is a suspect, and each clue leads you deeper into the heart of a perplexing puzzle. Join us on August 9th, 2023 at The Martha Washington Inn & Spa, where a captivating tale of mystery and mayhem awaits your keen detective skills.

Dress in your best flapper or other 1920s attire, and don a fedora to conceal your true identity as you immerse yourself in the captivating realm of the Death of a Gangster. It will be up to you and your fellow sleuths to solve the heinous crime that shrouds this mystifying evening.
Prepare to interact with a cast of intriguing characters, each harboring their own secrets and motives. Unravel their hidden agendas, interrogate suspects, and gather clues to piece together the puzzle that will unveil the identity of the cunning killer.

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