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Sisters at the Martha

Sister's American Grill

An award-winning restaurant and lounge offering both casual and formal dining

Book a room on a night when Sisters is open and receive a $25 dining credit!

Sisters is open to the public as well as hotel guests and reservations are highly recommended. Reserve your table below or by calling 276-619-5271.

Take-Out available.

Open for dinner

Daily: 5pm - 9pm

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Make a Reservation

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Sisters American Grill

The ambiance is both refined and inviting, creating the perfect backdrop for intimate dinners, celebrations, and gatherings. Whether savoring signature dishes expertly crafted with locally-sourced ingredients or indulging in a carefully curated selection of wines, patrons at Sisters American Grill are treated to a dining experience that transcends the ordinary. The dedication to culinary excellence, paired with a commitment to warm hospitality, makes Sisters American Grill a destination where every visit is a celebration of exceptional cuisine and memorable moments.

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Meet Our Culinary Team

Our upscale dining experience is elevated by the exceptional talents of Executive Chef Josh Young, who infuses each dish with an extraordinary flair, ensuring a delightful fusion of flavor and presentation. Chef Young's expertise in crafting farm-to-table dishes harmoniously complements the successful background of Banquet Chef Charles Parker. Chef Parker, with his culinary artistry, transforms events of all sizes into memorable dining experiences. Adding a delightful touch to our culinary ensemble is the skilled Pastry Chef, Willie Bordwine, known for creating delectable dishes ranging from exquisite pastries to indulgent confections, providing the perfect conclusion to every meal. Together, Chefs Young, Parker, and Bordwine form a culinary dream team, crafting a dining experience that is unparalleled and promises to redefine your expectations.

Wine and Dine at Sister's American Grill

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